The Killer Itch Book

 "The Killer Itch" is a book written by Jenny McDonald. This book is about Obstetric Cholestasis of the Pregnancy this is a rare liver disease that doesn't seem to be that rare in Australia anymore. If you are in your third trimester and have very itchy hands and feet you may need to have a liver function test done. OC can be dangerous to your unborn baby. This book is about 8 mothers personal stories with OC or ICP some have lost babies and some were lucky. Also included in the book is the facts/ symptoms and dealing with grief. This is a pregnancy book that every mother should read. Maybe you could save a babies life by knowing about this condition.

'The Killer Itch' is also now available on Kindle.  Click HERE to purchase 'The Killer Itch' Kindle Book

itchy pregnancy

 "The Killer Itch" Book :   Cost $20.00 Australian plus postage and handling $12.00

"The Killer Itch" Electronic Version $7.00

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